Device Protection
Attention All Satel Customers with Modems/Phones!

They say “When it rains….it pours!”, but on Saba we often see intense electrical storms as well!  Satel would like to remind you to make sure to unplug your modem (power supply and phone line from the jack) to avoid any damage to your devices during a lightning storm. Failure to do so will result in damaged devices. You will be charged a fee to replace each device.

Satel also encourage its customers to protect all their equipment by purchasing a surge protector. You can save 5% on your invoice when you purchase hurricane items during hurricane season.
June 1st – November 31st

Please also remember to be vigilant of any weather that may be approaching our area. It is best to always be prepared.

Please see our Hurricane Awareness poster with Tips & Important information. You can pick up your copy at our office or download it here:

Satel Hurricane Awareness Posters

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