Frequently Asked Questions
We have put together some of the most common questions we receive from our customers in relation to our services, if you have an issue please check through the information below before proceeding further.

Q. Why is there a crackling noise on my phone?
A. If you have an internet (dsl) connection make sure all your telephones are plugged in a dsl line filter. If your telephone/s are plugged in a dsl line filter and you still have a crackling noise contact the office. If not please pass by the office to pick up a dsl line filter. If you do not have an internet connectiontry plugging in a different telephone to rule out that it is not the telephone causing the problem. If the problem persists please contact the office.

Q. Why does my phone not ring when someone calls me?
A. The ringer on your phone may be turned off. There should be a button or toggle switch to turn on or off your ringer. Make sure it is in the on position. Also double check that you have a dial tone to make sure there is no problem with your line.

Q. Does my telephone need to be plugged in, in order for my dsl to work?
A. No however if there is a problem with your internet connection (slow or no connection at all) it does help with troubleshooting the problem (is there a dial tone? is there a crackling noise? etc).

Q. How do I "Power Cycle" my equipment
A. To properly power cycle (a.k.a. 'reboot') your equipment simply do the following:
• Turn off Modem.
• If you have a router turn it off or unplug it from the electricity.
• Do a complete shut down on the computer (not a restart, but a shut down).
• Wait 30 seconds.
• Turn on the modem only and wait for the dsl light to stop flashing. If the modem dsl light do not stop flashing after 30 seconds, call Tech Support.
• Next turn on the router if you have one.
• Next turn on the computer. Once it is up and running try to connect. If you receive any error messages, report these errors to Tech Support.
NOTE: It is important that you start your equipment in order:
• Modem
• Router (if you have one)
• Computer
Power cycling your modem, router and computer can fix many connection problems.

Q. Why am I getting "page cannot be displayed" in my browser or limited connectivity by my network connection?
A. Try power cycling your devices. If power cycling your devices does not resolve the problem check if the DSL light on your modem is on solid. If it is not and it is blinking confirm that the phone line from your modem to the wall is plugged in properly. If the line is plugged in properly and your DSL light is still blinking call the office and report the problem. Before calling plug in a telephone to check for dial tone or a recording and let the office know your findings.

Q. Why does my internet disconnect when I use my landline telephone?
A. Make sure all your landline telephones are plugged in a dsl filter which plugs in the telephone jack. If you do have all your telephones plugged in a dsl filter the filter may need to be replaced. Stop by the office and report the problem to receive a replacement filter.

Q. Does Satel filter/block any ports?
A. No, Satel does not filter/block any ports.

Q. Can I get a Public IP?
A. Yes, when you apply for priority support. See terms & conditions.

Q. Can I connect more than 1 device to my modem?
A. Yes you can connect as many devices as you like but do remember that all devices you connect share the 1 internet speed.

Q. Why can I not pick up the wireless from my modem in another room?
A. Make sure your wireless modem is located in a central area and preferably up higher on a shelf or mounted on the wall. The type of material between the modem and your device will also play a role in signal strength. Signal will have more difficulties passing through thick concrete walls with lots of steel compared to a wooden wall. Depending on distance and material you may need to relocate the modem or use a device to boost up the signal (Wireless extenders / wireless USB antenna's can be purchased at Satel)

Q. Advertised speeds are different than my actual speeds
A. A general rule of thumb for determining whether or not you have a good broadband connection is whether or not you are getting at least 80% of the maximum possible speed you could. There is a built in 'loss' due to overhead information that must be transmitted and a few other factors that immediately eat up about 13% of your bandwidth (speed). That means that the absolute best in a perfect setup would be 87% of your theoretical maximum. With other factors thrown in, the 80% rule of thumb was developed. Now, how to apply it:
As one example, lets assume you have a 1.5Mb/768Kb DSL connection. This means that the best you can ever do is to get 1500Kbps (kilobits per second) as a download speed and 768 Kpbs upload. But at least 13% of that is going away for the overhead. 80% of 1500 is 1200Kbps, and 80% of 768 is 614.4Kbps. So if you have a 1.5Mb/768Kb line and are getting speeds of 1200/614 or better, then you have a 'good' connection.

Q. Can I purchase my own adsl modem or does it have to be the model I get from Satel?
A. You can purchase any adsl modem however the settings need to match those of Satel's network to be able to connect. The one disadvantage is, once configured if the reset button is used the configuration for Satel's network is lost and the device will need to be reconfigured.

Is my deposit refundable?
A. Yes, it is refunded when the account is paid in full and terminated.

Q. Do I have to have a phone line or can I just have an internet connection?
A. No, all DSL connections require an installed phone line.

Q. Can my phone & DSL service be transferred to a new location?
A. Yes, See terms & conditions.

Q. Is the modem wireless?
A. Yes, You receive a modem with a built in wireless router with a unique password as part of your installation package.

Q. Can the password be changed on the modem?
A. Yes, a technician will assist you with this.

Q. Does Satel NV accept credit cards for payment of installations, invoices or purchases?
A. Yes we accept all major credit cards except American Express. minimum purchase of $20.

Q. Can I use my cell phone from back home?
A. Yes, make sure your cell phone is fully unlocked from your previous provider.

Q. What kind of cell phone service do you provide?
A. You have a choice of Telcell or Chippie both provide a prepaid service, prepaid cards and Top-Up services available on island.

Q. How do i add credit to my cell phone?
A. You can add credit by purchasing a prepaid card or use the Top-Up service.

Q. What lights should be showing on my modem?
A. Power, Wi-Fi, DSL & Internet lights need to be active.

Q. Can i pay my invoice on line?
A. Not at this time, however you can pay via our local banks (WIB & RBC), at our office or we can put your credit card on file to ensure automatic payments

Q. Can i suspend my account? (temporary blocking of service)
A. Yes, See terms & conditions.

Q. Can I change the name and/or number of my account?
A. Yes, See terms & conditions.

Q. Do I have to pay installation fees and/or deposit prior to my service being set up?
A. Yes, all fees must be paid prior to setting up or changing of any service.

Q. Can I upgrade or downgrade the package for DSL?
A. Yes, See terms & conditions.

Q. Can someone make a payment on my account if I am not able to?
A. Yes, they need to provide the first name on the account or account number.

Q. Can I pay the installtion fees, invoices or purchases with more than one type of payment form?
A. No, payment must be paid in full by either card or cash. not both.

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